Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Neighbor heard dogs barking and then his front door being "checked" he ran to the window and saw a black male in a bright red shirt running from door to door down Wye ave. checking front doors. He called 911 and the police were there in 2 min. 3-4 police cars drove around the Wye ave. / Cedar ave. block. In about 4-5 min. they saw the suspect come from between two houses about halfway down Wye ave. he was carrying a "bag" but threw it. Police per sued on foot cutting into back yards and over fences finally arresting him a the corner of Cedar and Georgia ave. (the little connecting end of Wye). The suspect told the police that he had relatives in the hood, and gave them an address they knew all too well. It is one of the houses at the dead end of Cedar ave. by the park. They have arrested some number of persons from that address on drug charges. The suspect was identified and the "bag" that was thrown was found to be a purse from a house on Wye ave. The suspect entered the unlocked front door, took the purse, a cell phone, wallet, car keys. Then went up stairs, stepping over a young boy that was sleeping on the floor, and took another phone and an i-pod. When the police arrested him he was in possession of one of the stolen phones. Police noted that he was "high" when taken into custody, and that he already had a warrant out for his arrest. Wonder why he was going to that house???????

Here is the police blotter:
Beat E1 7300 WYE AVE, 9/25 0030. Units responded to location for a B&E in progress. Officers chased and
apprehended the suspect, who was in possession of victim’s purse, iPod and cell phone. Juvenile arrested.
At night keep your ears open and your doors locked!


Beat E1 7300 WYE AVE, 9/5 0100-0400, CATBURGLARY. Unknown suspect entered residence through unlocked
front door. Once inside the suspect took a laptop and wallet.